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Versions of a Bill

Each time a bill goes through a stage in the legislative process, it is printed by the GPO as a new version and made available on ProQuest® Congressional.

Possible bill versions include:

Introduced bill print
Each bill print will have line numbering.
Reported version in first Chamber
Engrossed version after passage in first Chamber
This is the official text of the bill as passed, reflecting any changes made by amendment. Prepared by the Enrolling Clerk, it is signed by the presiding officials of the Chamber who attest to the accuracy of the version.
Act version
So called because at this stage the heading is changed from "A BILL" to "AN ACT" when the second Chamber officially receives the bill from the first Chamber.
Reported version from second Chamber
Engrossed version after passage in the second Chamber
Depending on the action taken by the second Chamber, this may be the text of the entire bill as passed by the second Chamber or only the text of the amendments adopted by the second Chamber.
Enrolled bill
Prepared by the Enrolling Clerk to accurately reflect the bill as approved and signed by officials of both Chambers, this version is printed on parchment by the GPO before it is sent to the President. It will be available on ProQuest Congressional, unless Congress passed a concurrent resolution waiving the statutory requirement that the enrolled bill be printed on parchment.

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