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Issuing Sources Form (Index Terms Look-up Tool)

You can access the Index Terms Look-up Tool by clicking the Index Terms link on the Basic or Advanced Search Form.

Use this form to locate specific issuing sources for congressional publications, including congressional committees and offices. Additional issuing source search terms are provided to assist access to content issued as part of the U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection.

Selecting a type of term

Select the type of issuing source:

Congressional Committees
Includes both current and historical committees, such as:
  • House Un-American Activities Committee (listed as Un-American Activities. House)
  • Senate Finance Committee (listed as Finance. Senate)
Congressional Other
Includes commissions, special boards, and various congressional institutions, such as:
  • Library of Congress
  • Commission on Arts and Antiquities
Non-Congressional Government Sources (Serial Set Only)
Includes State and local governmental entities and Federal executive and judicial branch entities, such as:
  • Collector of Taxes, District of Columbia
  • Missouri State Convention
  • Bureau of Fisheries, Department of Commerce
  • Supreme Court
Non-Government Sources (Serial Set Only)
Includes private sector companies and non-profit organizations, such as:
  • Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company
  • American Legion

To search for issuing source terms, you may browse the alphabetical list by scrolling or search the alphabetical list using the Find a term feature.

To browse the alphabetical list, click a letter to find terms that begin with this letter, and scroll. These lists can be very long, so alternatively you may want to use your browser’s Find feature to look for a term.

To use the Find a term feature to search terms in the alphabetical list, use the default "containing" search or select the “starting with” option from the drop-down, enter a term in the search box and click the Find button.


The search is not case-sensitive.

Once you decide on the term or terms you would like to use in your search, select the box that is adjacent to the term, and click OK - Paste to Search to insert the index term you have selected into the search form.


If you make multiple selections, the pasted sources will be separated from each other by the logical connector "OR". You may select as many items as you want; however, note that if you perform a second search or try to navigate to another part of the index before you paste the terms to search, your selections will be lost.

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