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Search by Number Form - Regulations

Use the Get a Document form to retrieve the text of a regulation when you know its citation. You may retrieve regulations published within either the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) or the Federal Register (FR).

For an example of how to use this form, see Novice User Scenario - Regulations.

Searching on CFR Citations

CFR citations have three components: title number, section type, and part number. Title numbers run from 1 through 50. Section types can be either CFR (standard) or USC (statutory authority). Part numbers can refer to either the part or a section of a regulation, depending on whether it is divided by a period (e.g., 1964.11 denotes Section 11 of Part 1964 of the regulation in question).


To retrieve all the sections of a regulation, use a question mark (?) after the part number. For example, 29 CFR 1964? would retrieve all the sections of Part 1964: Sections 1964.1, 1964.2, etc.

Searching on Federal Register Citations

Federal Register citations have three components: volume number, citation type, and page number. Volume numbers correspond to year. Citation types can be either FR (Federal Register) or CFR (Code of Federal Regulations). Page numbers are sequential and continuous for a single volume.


To retrieve multiple pages of a regulation, use a shorter page number and add a question mark (?) to the end.

For example, 61 FR 45770? retrieves pages 457700, 457705, and 457708 of the regulation.

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