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Result List

The Result List page includes features to help you get the most out of your search results.

Value Description
Search Terms Trail

The terms for your search are displayed in a "trail" in the upper left of the Results page. If you perform a Search Within search, which narrows the results of your initial search, the terms of your initial search will be followed by a > and then the terms of the Search Within search. For example, if you performed an initial search on ethanol, then a Search Within search on "corn", the trail would look like this:

ethanol > corn
View Formats

You may look at your search results in several different view formats, available by clicking these tabs at the top of the Results page. Each view format displays a different level of detail.

Short View 
Displays basic information in a numbered list, about the documents your search found. The information typically includes the following, although it will vary depending on the sources you searched:
  • No. — The documents are automatically numbered to help you identify specific documents for delivery or viewing.
  • Results — click one of the results to view the full text of the document. Select the check box next to a result to tag the document for viewing or delivery.
Expanded View
Displays the same information as in Result List view for each document, along with your search terms in context. Select the check box next to a result to tag the document for viewing or delivery.
Modify Search Click the Edit Search link to return to the search form and edit your original search.
Sort Click the Sort By links to change the order in which your results are displayed, which can make them easier to review. Sort options include Relevance, Date (Oldest first), and Date (newest first)
Search Within Use this box to search within your original results.
Delivery Icons

Click one of the following icons to print or email your results.

  • print icon—Print all or selected documents to an attached printer.
  • email icon—Email all or selected documents to one or more email addresses.
Results Navigation Arrows

At the top and bottom of the page, click these buttons to skip through larger sets of results at one time.

  • first page icon—Click to view the first set of your results.
  • previous page icon—Click to view the previous set of your results.
  • next page icon—Click to view the next set of your results.
  • last page icon—Click to view the last set of your results.
Serial Set Maps

If a map is available, a MAP-SHEETS area will be included in your full document. The following options are available for maps:

Click one of the links to either show or hide all available thumbnails. A thumbnail is a small version of an image, linked to the larger version.
Click either the link, which shows the map ID, such as 7482_H.doc.1768_map_sheet_1, or the thumbnail to view the map using the Map Viewer.
Click the link to view the map in a new browser window.


Some browsers may not recognize all download types. For instance, you may see an error that says that files with a type of jp2 are not recognized by your browser. JPEG 2000 is an image compression standard that operates at higher compression ratios than jpg, allowing for multiple resolutions, progressive display, tiling, region of interest coding and many other advanced features. Although the browser may not recognize the jp2 format, it is a normal, valid image format.

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