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Novice User Scenario - Advanced Search form

Who Jonathan, a sophomore at State University
Class Political Science 101: U.S. Politics
Assignment Construct a narrative of policymaking using legislative reports on specific bills and hearings with testimony
Objective Find Congressional legislative reports and hearings on an interesting topic
Starting Info Jonathan is interested in renewable resources, and would like to find information on thermal energy


  1. Selects the Advanced Search form from the ProQuest Congressional options for Congressional Publications searches.
  2. Clears all publication types except Hearings and House and Senate reports by clicking Clear All and then selecting the boxes for the desired publication types.
  3. Types thermal energy into the Advanced Search form Enter search terms box and clicks Search.  Gets a small results set and wonders if he has found all results.
  4. Decides to improve his chances of getting good search results by clicking Index Terms, which takes him to a form with the default drop-down list value of Subject Terms.
  5. Types thermal into the box, gets the result "Hydro-thermal power: use Geothermal resources.".
  6. Pastes to search the term "geothermal resources" and is taken back to the Advanced Search form.
  7. Clicks Search and gets limited results.
  8. Clicks Edit Search and returns to Advanced Search form. Changes date to Previous five years to get more results.
  9. Clicks Search and gets additional results.
  10. Selects the Expanded List tab to see how and how often the term geothermal resources is used in each result.
  11. Selects the reports and hearings that most interest him to write his narrative.


If your keyword search does not return the results you want, click the  Index Terms link on the Basic and Advanced Search forms to access controlled vocabulary subject terms to improve your search results.

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