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Advanced User Scenario - Advanced Search form

Who Susan, a librarian at City College
Query How do I find the full-text of a hearing on stem cell research that was held on May 22, 2003, before the Senate Appropriations Committee if my institution doesn’t have access to the Digital Hearings optional module?
Objective Find the full-text of a specific hearing using resources available through the LN Congressional basic subscription
Starting Info Hearing date, topic, and committee


  1. Selects the Advanced Search tab from the ProQuest Congressional options for Congressional Publications searches.
  2. Types stem cell into the first box and leaves the default option (All Fields Except Full Text) in place.
  3. Types appropriations in the second box and selects Congressional Source from the drop-down list.
  4. Chooses Hearings as the Search Within option by clicking Clear All and then selecting the appropriate box.
  5. Selects Date Is as the date restriction option, selects May from the Month option drop-down list, and types in the day and the year.
  6. Clicks Search.
  7. Retrieves the record the student is looking for, provides the student with the abstract of the hearing, and then clicks the link in the DOC-TYPE segment that will take the student to the transcript of the hearing and submitted statements.
  8. Prints out the transcripts and submitted statements.
  9. Notices that the abstract references some NIH tables that might help the student; since submitted materials (other than the statements) are not available online, she explains to the student how he can use the CIS NO: 2004-S181-15 in the online record to access additional information from the published hearing that is available in the library’s microfiche collection.


If you are looking for something from a particular committee, but aren’t sure of the precise name of the committee, click the Index Terms link. Next, select the Issuing Source tab and choose Congressional Committees from the drop-down list.  You will then be able to search for the name of a committee using whatever information you already have.

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