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Advanced User Scenario - Search by Number form

Who Susan, a librarian at City College
Query I'm in the process of compiling a legislative history of a bill that proposed a Constitutional amendment to outlaw the burning of the American flag. The number of the bill is S.J. Res. 4. I think the bill might be from 2004 or 2005. Right now I'm trying to find out if any hearings were held on the bill and I'd also like to find Congressional Record citations. I did a Legislative History search on ProQuest Congressional, but my search didn't work. How can I find out if there were any hearings?
Objective Find hearings related to S.J. Res. 4, which is from either 108th or 109th Congress
Starting Info Topic and partial Senate Joint Resolution number


  1. Selects the Search by Number form from the ProQuest Congressional options for Congressional Publications searches.
  2. Selects Bill Number from the Legislative Citations option.
  3. Selects 109 from the Congress drop-down list, S.J. Res. from the Bill Type drop-down list, and types 4 in the box.
  4. Clicks Search, but does not get the result she is looking for.
  5. Selects 108 from the Congress drop-down list, and clicks Search.
  6. Selects the appropriate hearing from the results set and opens the record.
  7. Sees the BILLS: 108 S.J. Res. 4 link and clicks it, which takes her to a results set for the bill text.
  8. Clicks the bill text link from the Document Type facet and opens the record.
  9. Scrolls down the page to find the Congressional Record links.
  10. Clicks the Congressional Record links to find Congressional Record information.


Don't use the Legislative History search option to look for information on bills or resolutions that have not become law. Compile your own legislative history instead by using the Search by Number form to find publications referencing the bill in which you are interested.

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