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Advanced User Scenario - Members & Committees

Who Susan, a librarian at City College
Query How do I find out how many women currently serving in Congress have law degrees?
Objective Determine how many women in Congress have law degrees
Starting Info Search needs to be limited by gender and educational attainment


  1. Selects Members & Committees from the navigation bar.
  2. Selects the Demographics option.
  3. Selects Female from the Gender drop-down list and Law Degree from the Education Attained drop-down list.
  4. Leaves default set to Current Congress. 
  5. Clicks Search.
  6. Retrieves Member Profile reports for all the women currently serving in Congress who have earned law degrees.


Use the Demographics search form to find information on current Representatives and Senators, searching by sex, race, party affiliation, State or territory represented, age, educational attainment, religion, alma mater, and/or date elected to Congress.

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