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Suspend the rules and pass

(also known as suspension of the rules) In the House, another shortcut designed to streamline consideration of legislation. Employed at the Speaker's discretion and used generally only for minor or non-controversial measures, it has on occasion been used for complex or controversial bills. In the actual motion ("I move to suspend the rules and pass H.R."), "rules" refers to the rules of procedure of the House. In effect, it asks that the House rules concerning consideration of this bill be relaxed. Debate under the suspension procedure is limited to 40 minutes, evenly divided between proponents and opponents. No amendments from the floor are allowed, although amendments to the bill can be included in the motion to suspend the rules ("I move to suspend the rules... as amended"). A two-thirds majority of those present and voting under this procedure is necessary for the bill to pass. If the suspension motion fails, the bill is returned to the calendar and is available for later consideration under regular House procedures.

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