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Serial Set Only Document Type Descriptions

The table below explains the document types that are available in the Serial Set Only drop-down list on the Advanced Search form.

Option Description
Court of Claims Reports Includes reports of the Court of Claims from 1856-1862, during which time the Court of Claims reports were printed as a separate publication series.
Hearings Includes hearings published as sections of numbered Congressional Reports or Documents (rather than as separate hearings publications) contained in the Senate Library bound Serial Set collection, 1833-1934. In addition, this publication type also includes other hearings not previously identified, notes on hearings, joint statements on particular hearings, and other hearing-related material. Items that merely authorize or propose hearings on a particular subject are not included in this document type.
House and Senate Documents

Includes the following House and Senate Publication Series:

  • House Documents (1817-1969)
  • House Executive Documents (1847-1895)
  • House Miscellaneous Documents (1847-1895)
  • Senate Documents (1817-1969)
  • Senate Executive Documents (1847-1895)
  • Senate Miscellaneous Documents (1847-1895)
House and Senate Journals Includes House and Senate Journals (1817-1952), which contain minutes of the meeting of each Chamber. While omitting debate, they constitute a concise record of congressional action on bills, resolutions, memorials, and petitions, by title and number, together with all communications from the President of the U.S.
House and Senate Reports Includes congressional committee and conference reports on legislation and on investigations undertaken by Congress. In 1819 the House separated reports from the Documents series, forming a new series, House Reports, and in 1847 the Senate did the same, forming the Senate Reports series.
Impeachment Materials Includes House and Senate Documents and Reports on impeachment and Federal censure of judges, Senators, Representatives, Vice-Presidents, and Presidents through 1969.
Memorials and Petitions Includes petitions and memorials to Congress from State legislatures, organizations, and associations.
Presidential Messages Includes all messages by the President of the U.S. to Congress, including State of the Union messages, speeches to Congress, and transmittals of executive branch documents.
Private Relief Actions Includes publications concerned with relief and related actions of Congress affecting specified individuals and organizations in specific circumstances. Coverage focuses upon reports on private legislation.
Treaties and Conventions Includes not only the final and draft texts of international treaties and conventions submitted by the President of the U.S. to the Senate for ratification, but also substantive House and Senate discussion, resolutions, and legislative attempts to implement those international agreements.
Annual Reports Includes annual administrative reports of executive branch agencies, departments, and bureaus which were submitted to Congress.
Sen. Exec Rpts & Doc

Includes Senate executive reports, executive documents, and treaty documents that cover treaty, nomination, and other matters of national concern that the President submitted to the Senate for deliberation under its powers of "advise and consent."

  • Senate executive reports contain recommendations of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations concerning the ratification of a proposed treaty, or recommendations of various Senate committees regarding nominations of individuals.
  • Senate treaty documents (called Senate executive documents before 1981) are issued by the Senate when the President asks them to ratify a treaty. They generally contain the text of the Presidential communication supporting ratification of the treaty and the text of the treaty agreement itself.

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