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What is ProQuest® Congressional?

ProQuest® Congressional allows you to explore Congress in action with the most comprehensive online resource available for congressional publications and legislative research.

If your institution has access to the older content in the optional digital collections (the U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection, the Congressional Research Digital Collection, the Congressional Hearings Digital Collection, or the Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection), you will be able to access the full text of publications dating back in some cases as far as the late eighteenth century in searchable PDF format. The basic subscription provides all users with access to the full text of selected publications in non-PDF format, in some cases dating back 25 years or more.

You can perform in-depth research in public policy, historical, and legal areas of interest. The basic subscription includes abstracts and indexing for congressional publications, and legislative histories. It also includes member biographies, committee assignments, voting records, and financial data; and the full text of key regulatory and statutory resources.

Use ProQuest Congressional to:

  • Pinpoint expert testimony on the leading issues of the day
  • Tap authoritative sources of statistics, projections, and analyses
  • Discover a law's intent by tracing its legislative history
  • Obtain information about Members of Congress
  • Access the full text primary source congressional publications
  • Monitor legislation and public policy on almost any topic
  • Review the Federal regulations that implement legislation
  • Learn the makeup and mission of congressional committees

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