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What is the CIS/Index Controlled Vocabulary?

ProQuest® Congressional assists researchers in finding information quickly and reliably through the application of subject index terms from a 7,500-word controlled vocabulary to each results record. This controlled vocabulary was originally developed by CIS Index, and is especially suited to the retrieval of congressional information. The hierarchical terms are selected from the following categories:

  • Agriculture, Business, and Industry
  • Communication and Transportation
  • Education, Health, and Public Welfare
  • Government
  • History, Culture, and Society
  • Landforms
  • Law and Justice
  • National Defense and Foreign Relations
  • Natural Resources and Science

The controlled vocabulary subject term lists may be accessed through the Index Terms Look-up Tool. To use the Index Terms Look-up tool to access the subject term lists, click the Index Terms link on the Basic Search Form (Congressional Publications) and the Advanced Search Form (Congressional Publications).


Subject indexing for all content accessed through the Basic and Advanced Search forms has been indexed using the same 7,500-word controlled vocabulary - except for the Serial Set Maps module, which uses a separate vocabulary better suited to the unique maps content.

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