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MapViewer (Serial Set Maps) Page

The Map Viewer page is available for Serial Set Maps only. The high resolution optional maps module of the U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection allows access to color and high resolution versions of the maps indexed in the U.S. Serial Set Index and Carto-Bibliography of Maps. The page provides you with the following options:

Value Description
Navigational View The Navigational View area shows the larger context of the area you are viewing.
Map Description The Map Description area provides copyright information, as well as descriptive information such as the map title, the title of the document with which the map is associated, the publication date for the document, and the date of the map.
Zoom Level Use the Zoom Level slider to zoom in and out of the map. Or enter a percentage in the Zoom Level text box and click Go.
Download Click one of the available links to download the map in your desired format.
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  • Current View
Sheet x of y Use the navigational icons to choose previous or next sheets of the map, if available.
Hide Site Banner Click this link to hide the navigation elements on the page and expand the room available to view your map. Click the Show Site Banner link to return to the normal view.
rotate left  rotate right Click one of the rotate icons to rotate the map 90 degrees to the left or the right.
fit to page Click the Fit to Page icon to adjust the zoom level to see the entire image.

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