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Popular Names Form

Use this form to either browse for a term or find a term, then paste the name of a statute to the Basic or Advanced Search form.

Value Description
Browse terms Select a letter or number to narrow your choices.
Find a term Select a search method and then enter a word or part of a word (at least 2 characters) in the box. The search options include:
Finds Index Terms that contain the text you have entered in any part of the term
starting with
Finds Index Terms that begin with the text you entered
Find Click this button to find the terms that meet your criteria.
Clear selections Click this link to clear all of the selections you've made on this form.
OK - Paste to Search Click this button to add the terms you identified to Enter search terms on the form where you originated this lookup.
Cancel Click this button to return to the search form where you originated this lookup without adding any terms to your search.

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