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Novice User Scenario - Members & Committees

Who Jonathan, a sophomore at State University
Class Political Science: The Legislative Process
Assignment Write a Member Profile of a Member of Congress (either a Senator or a Representative), including personal background and voting record in the 110th Congress
Objective Locate information on a Member of Congress
Starting Info Chooses Name of Representative or Senator


  1. Selects Member Records from the Members & Committees option on the navigation bar.
  2. Enters Member first and last name on Member Record search form.
  3. Decides to search on the name of the Senator from his home state of West Virginia, types Bird in the Last Name box and Bob in the First Name box, clicks Search, and gets no results.
  4. Clicks the Look up a Member link, looks for Bob Bird, and notes that, while there is no entry for Bob Bird, there is an entry for Robert C. Byrd.
  5. Copies and pastes Robert C. Byrd into the boxes, clicks Search, and retrieves an updated profile on Senator Byrd, including biographical information, staff information, legislative career information, and campaign and finance information.
  6. Using the information obtained from the Member Record, he is now ready to write a Member Profile.


Use the Look up a Member link to ensure that you enter correctly the name of the Senator or Representative for whom you are searching.

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