ProQuest® Congressional Help - How do I access House and Senate Reports?
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How do I access House and Senate Reports?

  1. Use the Basic Search Form (Congressional Publications), Advanced Search Form (Congressional Publications), or Search By Number Form (Congressional Publications).
  2. Use these search criteria:
    • Keyword
    • Title
    • Subject
    • Geographical index term
    • Committee name
    • Bill number
    • House and Senate serial number
    • CIS accession number
    • SuDoc number



These highlights indicate what's covered as part of the basic subscription:

  • Abstracts and indexing for all reports published from 1999 (106th Congress) forward
  • Abstracts and indexing for most reports from 1970-1998 (excludes private, ceremonial, housekeeping, and land transaction reports)
  • Full text of most reports from 1990-present

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