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House and Senate Reports - Additional Information and Research Strategies

ProQuest® Congressional provides access to House and Senate reports through the Advanced Search Form (Congressional Publications) and the Search By Number Form (Congressional Publications). All House and Senate report records can be searched by keyword, title, subject or geographical index term, committee name, bill number, House and Senate serial number, CIS accession number, and SuDoc number.

The ProQuest Congressional basic subscription contains abstracts and indexing for all reports published from 1999 (106th Congress) forward and most reports from 1970-1998. Reports excluded in the 1970-1998 time period include private, ceremonial, housekeeping, and land transaction reports.

ProQuest Congressional creates early results records for all reports (from 2006 going forward) on as timely a basis as possible following the publication of the report. The early records contain abbreviated subject indexing and bibliographic information available at the time of the release. Early records are replaced by full records with complete bibliographic information and full abstracts and indexing on a monthly basis.

The ProQuest Congressional basic subscription also includes transcripts of most reports from 1990-present. Coverage for 1990 is very limited. To access this material, the user should search using the Basic Search, Advanced Search, or Search by Number form. The Basic Search and the Advanced Search default will return permanent or early records linked to the full text reports. The Advanced Search drop-down list option All Fields Including Full Text takes the user directly to the full text reports. The advantage of accessing the results records first is that the record provides bibliographic and content information that will help the user make sense of the full text.

ProQuest Congressional also makes available annotated indexing for reports issued from 1819-1969 through the optional congressional indexes historical module.

ProQuest Congressional also makes available, through the U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection optional module, annotated indexing and searchable PDFs for reports issued from 1819-1969.

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