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Committee Prints and Miscellaneous Publications - Additional Information and Research Strategies

ProQuest® Congressional provides access to congressional prints through the Advanced Search Form (Congressional Publications) and the Search By Number Form (Congressional Publications). All print records can be searched by keyword, title, subject or geographical index term, issuing source name, bill number, Senate serial number (if applicable), CIS accession number, and SuDoc number. The Committee Print & Misc. Publication search option on the Advanced Search form and the prints partitioned results both include official committee prints and the other materials included in the committee prints and miscellaneous congressional publications category.

The ProQuest Congressional basic subscription contains abstracts and indexing for all publications in the print collection from 1970 forward. This collection includes all official committee prints, as well as a sizeable number of publications not available through the GPO Federal Depository Library Program. This collection excludes separate section-by-section analyses printed under the Ramseyer rule. From 2000 forward, the number of prints acquired from Web sites has increased, as well as the number of minority staff prints as a percentage of the overall prints collection.

The ProQuest Congressional basic subscription includes links to the full text of selected prints from 1995-2004 and links to PDFs of GAO reports from 2004 forward. To access the 1995-2004 full text prints, the user should search using the Basic or Advanced Search form. The Basic Search and the Advanced Search default will return results records linked to the full text. The Advanced Search drop-down list option All Fields Including Full Text takes the user directly to the full text publications. The advantage of accessing the results record first is that the record provides bibliographic and content information that will help the user make sense of the full text. The GAO PDFs are not searchable, but can be identified and accessed through the associated results record.

ProQuest Congressional also makes available annotated indexing for prints from 1830-1969 through the optional historical indexes module.

ProQuest Congressional also makes annotated indexing and searchable PDFs available for all official committee prints issued from 1830-2003 and all miscellaneous congressional publications issued from 1970-2003 through the optional Congressional Research Digital Collection module.

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