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Search by Number Form - Legislative Histories, Bills & Laws

Use the Search by Number Form to retrieve legislative histories, bill tracking reports, bills, voting records, public laws, Statutes at Large, and U.S. Code when you know the specific citation number of the resource.

Value Description
1. Select document type Select one of these document types from the drop-down list.
2. Enter number The search parameters that appear change depending on what you selected in 1. Select document type. Click the links in #1 to see the detailed information that appears for each document type.

Document types that use Public Law Number, Statute at Large, or Enacted Bill Number

  • Legislative Histories
  • Public Laws

Document types that use Bill Numbers

  • Bill Tracking
  • Bills (Full Text)
  • Floor Votes
Value Description
Bill Number Select the Congress and abbreviated form of bill type from the drop-down list.
Congress number
Select a Congress number.
Bill type
Choose from the following abbreviations:
Abbreviation Description
H.R. House Bill
S. Senate Bill
H.J.Res. House Joint Resolution
S.J.Res. Senate Joint Resolution
H.Con.Res. House Concurrent Resolution
S.Con.Res. Senate Concurrent Resolution
H.Res. House Resolution
S.Res. Senate Resolution
Enter the number of the bill for which you are looking (e.g., 120).

US Code

Value Description
US Code Citation Enter the title number (which is between 1 and 50) and the section number of the citation.


It is helpful to use an exclamation point (!) after the section number, such as 2 USC 661!. By using the exclamation point, ProQuest® Congressional will retrieve the section and all subsections.

Statutes at Large

Value Description
Chapter Enter the item number, then choose a Congress from the drop-down list or enter a date restriction.
Public Resolution Enter the item number, then choose a Congress from the drop-down list or enter a date restriction.

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