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Advanced User Scenario - Legislative Histories, Bills & Laws

Who Susan, a librarian at City College
Query How do I find a legislative history for Public Law 118 596 on pension funding. It was enacted in 2004?
Objective Find a specific legislative history
Starting Info Incorrect citation


  1. Goes to the Search by Number form.
  2. Selects Public Law Number from the Legislative Citations option.
  3. Knows that the citation is incorrect because the drop-down list doesn't go up to 118. Clicks on the link at the bottom of the page to Congressional Session Dates and verifies that a law enacted in 2004 would have been enacted in the 108th Congress. Selects 108 from the Congress drop-down list and types 596 in the box.
  4. Clicks Search, but gets no results.
  5. Looking at the citation number more closely, determines that this is a Statutes at Large citation rather than a Public Law Number citation (the correct citation is 118 Stat 596).
  6. Selects Statutes at Large from the Legislative Citations option and types 118 in the first box and 596 in the second box.
  7. Clicks Search and retrieves the correct result, the legislative history for Public Law 108-218, the Pension Funding Equity Act of 2004.


If you are searching for an item using a Public Law or Statutes at Large citation, make sure you know which type of citation you have. If the citation doesn't work, do a keyword search using other information that you have, such as topic and date.

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