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Novice User Scenario - Legislative Histories, Bills & Laws

Who Jonathan, a sophomore at State University
Class Introduction to Political Sociology
Assignment Select a topic of interest and retrieve a public law text related to that topic
Objective Locate a public law text
Starting Info Chooses terrorism as his topic


  1. Selects Advanced form from the navigation bar.
  2. Types in terrorism, and clicks Search.
  3. Selects Public Law from the Document Type facet on the right.
  4. Retrieves numerous results and begins to scroll through the results list when he remembers hearing about the Patriot Act and decides that he wants to narrow his search to look for that specific act.
  5. Notices the Search within results option check box under the search box at the top of his results page. Types in Patriot Act and clicks Search.
  6. Retrieves his results set and is quickly able to read through the results to find: UNITING AND STRENGTHENING AMERICA BY PROVIDING APPROPRIATE TOOLS REQUIRED TO INTERCEPT AND OBSTRUCT TERRORISM (USA PATRIOT ACT) ACT OF 2001 which is the public law he wanted to find.


Use the Search within results option to narrow a results set.

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