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How do I search the Daily Congressional Record using the Search by Number form?

To search the daily Congressional Record on a citation, you must know the volume/year, section, and page number of the citation you want to retrieve. Each issue of the Congressional Record consists of four sections:

  • House section - proceedings for the House
  • Senate section - proceeding for the Senate
  • Daily Digest - summary of the day's floor and committee activities; also serves as a table of contents for each issue
  • Extension of Remarks - includes tributes, statements, and other information that supplements statements made on the floor

You can alternatively search on a specific date (not a date range) using the Date fields.

For an example of a Search by Number search, try searching on "Sept. 11, 2001", to get an idea of what Congress was doing on that fateful day, or search on Sept. 11, 2002, to find out what Congress was doing one year after the terrorist attack. For an example of a Get A Document search using a page citation, search on "153(2007) H-House 2167" to find perspectives of Representative Clifford B. Stearns (R-Fla) on global warming. Normally, the page citation search will only be used in cases where the user already has a specific citation.


The Congressional Record is published only for days when Congress is in session, so you may not get results for every date you enter.

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