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Citing Code of Federal Regulations

Database Information

This database contains the full text of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and is a grouping by subject of all current federal regulations. The CFR is published in 50 titles (numbered 1-50); each title contains many sections. Section symbols can be omitted from the citation.

The CFR is updated using information and text from the Federal Register (FR). A CFR title and section constitute a unique identifier and must be included in every citation. Since the CFR is constantly being updated by the Federal Register, it is crucial to alert your reader to the date of your CFR citation vis-à-vis the Federal Register. This information can be found in the header of the document in a statement of FR currency (for example, "This section is current though the 5/22/96 issue of the Federal Register".)

For each citation, include:

  • CFR title number, section number, and section heading (title, chapter, subchapter, part, and subpart headers should be omitted)
  • "Current through" date (for example, 5/22/96)
  • Database name (Text from: Code of Federal Regulations)
  • Web service name (Available from: ProQuest® Congressional)
  • Date accessed by the user (Accessed: date)

For example:

"40 CFR 745.113: Certification and Acknowledgment of Disclosure." (Current through 5/22/96). Text from: Code of Federal Regulations. Available from: ProQuest® Congressional; Accessed 2/10/97.

Without a section heading

The CFR title and section when accompanied by the "current through" date provide enough information to locate the exact section cited. Thus, the section heading can be omitted if it is not available or descriptive. For example:

"24 CFR 35.92" (Current through 7/5/96). Text from: Code of Federal Regulations. Available from: ProQuest® Congressional; Accessed: 2/10/97.

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