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Citing Committee Prints (Printed or Microfiche)

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Congressional committee prints are a generic document type that can cover anything the committee wishes to have published in support of its legislative and oversight functions. Committee prints are available in many libraries in either paper or microfiche and can be identified by using ProQuest® Congressional.

For each citation, include:

  • "U.S.", congressional Chamber (House or Senate), or “U.S. Congress” for joint, and the issuing committee. Use only the name of the main committee as the issuing agency, not the name of any subcommittee.
  • The title when a title includes the bill number or phrases such as "to accompany" or "with separate views", this information should be included with the title. The title of the publication may be shortened using an ellipsis (...) if the title is too long. If there is a date as part of the title, include it.
  • Print number (preceded by S.Prt.) combined with the number of the Congress (for example, 102, 103, 104).
  • Extremely lengthy prints may be published in multiple volumes or parts. Include all part or volume numbers in the citation.
  • The place of publication, publisher, and date of the original publication
  • The library classification number assigned to the publication
  • If citing a CIS microfiche version of the print, include the CIS year and fiche number in a note. If citing a government microfiche, include the word (Microfiche) after the title.

Printed committee print


U.S. Senate. Committee on Governmental Affairs. Nuclear Proliferation Factbook.(S. Prt. 103-111). Washington: Government Printing Office, 1994. (Y4.G74/9:S.PRT.103-111).

CIS microfiche committee print


U.S. House. Committee on Public Works and Transportation. Transportation and Environmental Infrastructure Needs (Vol. 2). Washington: Government Printing Office, 1995. (1995 CIS microfiche H642-1).

GPO microfiche committee print


U.S. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. Wishful Thinking: A World View of Insurance Solvency Regulation. (Microfiche). Washington: Government Printing Office, 1994. (Y4.EN2/3:103-R).

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