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Citing Committee Reports (Printed or Microfiche)

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Congressional committee reports are issued by standing, joint, and conference committees following the consideration of a specific piece of legislation. The report details the progress of the bill in the committee, including how the bill was amended, what amendments were adopted or rejected, the estimated cost of programs proposed in the legislation, opinions of the minority and majority members of the committee, and the "legislative intent" of the piece of legislation. Committee reports are available in libraries in either paper or microfiche.

For each citation, include:

  • "U.S.", congressional Chamber (House or Senate), and the issuing committee. Use only the main committee, not the name of any subcommittee.
  • The title of the publication, shortened with an ellipsis (...) if the title is too long. If there is a date as part of the title, include it. When a title includes the bill number or phrases such as "conference report", "to accompany", and "with separate views", this information should be included with the title.
  • Report number, including Congress number and date of the report the report number (preceded by H. Rpt. or S. Rpt.), combined with the number of the Congress (for example, 102, 103, 104), creates a unique identifier for the report and should be included in every citation
  • Place of publication, publisher, and date of the publication
  • The library classification number assigned to the publication
  • If citing a CIS microfiche of the report, include the CIS year and fiche number in a note. If citing a government microfiche, include the word "Microfiche" in a note after the title.

Printed committee report


U.S. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Shipping Act of 1983. (H. Rpt. 98-53, pt. 2). Washington: Government Printing Office, 1983. (Y1.1/8:98-53/pt.2).

CIS microfiche committee report


U.S. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Alternative Punishments for Young Offenders, Report Together with Dissenting Views (To Accompany H.R. 3351 )... (H. Rpt. 103-321). Washington: Government Printing Office, 1993. (1993 CIS microfiche H523-21).

GPO microfiche committee report


U.S. Senate. Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. Fisheries Act of 1993. (S. Rpt. 104-91). (Microfiche). Washington: Government Printing Office, 1995. (Y1.1/5:104-91).

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