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Citing U.S. Serial Set (Microfiche)

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The U.S. Serial Set is the official compilation of congressional reports and documents. At one time nearly all government publications were issued as congressional documents in the Serial Set and bear a congressional number reflecting the Congress and a unique number for the document itself (e.g., 42nd Congress, H. Doc. 242). Within the Serial Set there are documents, reports, hearings, executive documents, congressional journals, and prints. The bound volumes have been numbered consecutively since 1817. The U.S. Serial Set is available in libraries in microfiche.

For each citation, include:

  • "U.S.", congressional Chamber (House or Senate), and the issuing committee, if known
  • The title—when a title includes any bill number or phrases such as "conference report", "to accompany", and "with separate views", this information should be included with the title
  • Report or document number, preceded by the number of the Congress and then followed by the Serial Set volume number. For Journals include the date of the publication
  • The place of publication, publisher, and date of the original publication
  • The library classification number assigned to the publication

For example:

U.S. Department of State. Statistical View of the Population of the United States from 1790-1830 Inclusive. (S. Doc. 23-505; Serial Set 252) Washington; Duff Green, 1835. (CIS Serial Set microfiche 252 S.doc 505).

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